The 2017 Wisconsin Training Ride: oh, what a ride!

If you remember, back in June, we shared about a training ride some of our Northern missionaries put together in Wisconsin. Well, that was “so last year!” This year’s Wisconsin training ride brought new pregnancy resource centers into play, invoked a few more weather patterns, and including a crew of six passionate missionaries for life. Read on about their experience…it’s a good one.


Another year, another ride.  The Wisconsin training ride does a very good job at following it’s name, mostly the training part.  We all come into it hoping for a lovely ride in which we can grow stronger in spirit and body to help our pregnancy resource centers even more.  This year we changed it up a little bit and decided to try to add two stops at PRCs.  Starting our trip in Kaukauna and going to Madison, at the Pregnancy Help Line, and the next day, leave Madison to go to Platteville and Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin.  It was to be three of us riding 140 miles the first day, and 70 miles the second day.

There were other plans for us though.

Wisconsin Ride Day 1

There seemed to be a great amount of “condensation” in the air.  For most people, this is called a thunder storm; and for our benefit, there was some hail too!  While we were rather delayed, we did get to start at a time when normal people wake up!  Our start ended up being quite wet, and fraught with various problems, including a heated form of sand in a tire [namely, glass]; –but we had champs as support crew that got us through the day.

We may not have gone 140 miles [100 miles was close enough!], and may have chosen our own paths and gotten lost a couple times, but we made it to Madison to a waiting crew from the Pregnancy Help Line of Madison, where our very own Caleb is the representative!  It was a great experience to meet all the wonderful people that worked there and learn all they do for Dane County!WISRIDE_glass

There were many volunteers there, and they serve so many people, that the supply of clothing behind Caleb and the Pregnancy Helpline volunteers will be gone in three months!  The great service they provide for the young families is truly a great blessing to all those that come!

Wisconsin Ride Day 2

Day two might have been shorter, dryer, and just generally a nice day; but we learned of the hills of southern Wisconsin!  While they are not the most fun to traverse up, we certainly enjoyed going down them at 40+ mph!  While I love hills myself, I even found some that I wasn’t pleased with! But with perseverance, we found ourselves coming into Platteville to be greeted by the wonderful faces of Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin!

I was very excited myself to see their faces, as this will be my second year representing them in Biking for Babies!  Platteville is home to my Alma Mater, and I am truly hoping that the students there will learn about the worth of Life. I am very proud to be helping a place like Clarity Clinic SWW in helping spread the Life affirming message!  This year they have so far saved 9 children that would have otherwise been aborted.  So thank you for all your support and prayers!  It really is making a difference—even though you may not see it in your everyday life! ‘

Our Mission, Our DreamWISRIDE_CCSWW

One day, every child will get to see the help and support of centers like the Pregnancy Helpline of Madison and Clarity Clinic of SW Wisconsin.  This is what we are striving towards.  Please help in the mission in any way you can, on and off the road, using the spiritual or physical gifts you have been given.  We thank you generously for your support for these centers, and look forward to telling you more about them!

Let us hopefully welcome a larger future generation!  We don’t know who they will become, but one of the gifts of being a human is not knowing the future.  It can be built by the decisions of today.  So let’s build an America that reflects the sacredness of life that everyone is endowed with!

Thank you so very much, and God Bless you all!


Jonathan Simpson, Southern Route Leader, rider

Sarah Voet, PRC Liason, Northern Route Leader, rider [National ride Support Crew]

Erin Dempsey, Northern route rider

Kuske Clan: Tyler & Kelsey, and Caleb

Caleb and the crew from Pregnancy Help Line of Madison

Caleb and the crew from Pregnancy Help Line of Madison

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Biking for Babies brings together young adults across the nation with shared interests in promoting the pro-life mission of pregnancy resource clinics across our country. They happily give their time and talents freely to rebuild and rejuvenate the Culture of Life in America.

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