Giving Tuesday: A Charity’s Perspective

Each year we dedicate one day to give to selfless charities of our choice. We often forget that this day exists and on that morning quickly calculate the dollar amount we can afford to give after spending much of our money on “shopping holidays.”

Biking for Babies supports non-profit pregnancy resource centers who dedicate their lives to protecting the innocent and fragile lives of the unborn. These Pregnancy Resource Centers dedicate EVERYDAY to giving back to the women and families in their community, not just #GivingTuesday.

Below are quotes from some of the PRCs we give to, explaining what #GivingTuesday means to them. Help Biking for Babies support life by donating to these PRCs through our giving fund. Visit today!

-Sarah Voet, PRC Liaison

“Giving Tuesday means HOPE for thousands of struggling moms that come through our doors, frightened, hurting and uncertain of their future. With Giving Tuesday support, our loving counselors and ultrasound techs will offer real, tangible and sustainable opportunities for women to birth their babies, set important goals for themselves and reach for their dreams.”

Sharon Hudy

Women’s Care Center of Milwaukee, Wisconsin


“Giving Tuesday comes at a time when our bank account is at its lowest! Hopefully Birth Choice will receive sufficient funds to carry us the remainder of the year.”

Barbara Chishko

Birthchoice Pregnancy Center, Oklahoma

“#GivingTuesday is so important because just as our impact is felt in the greater community, our support needs to come from the greater community! In order to continue empowering women to save lives, we need your help!  Do you want to see us help more women and children?  The greatest need is in monthly contributors, which is why we have a “Soldiers for Life” Campaign going on right now.  Will you be a Soldier for Life, a Warrior for the Unborn with a monthly gift?”

Bryan Gonzalez

InnerVisions HealthCare, Iowa


“Giving Tuesday means that we will be able to continue to offer all of our services for free. Our services include pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, STD testing, Pap/Pelvic and breast exams.”

MJ Clements

WomanKind Medical Clinic, Wisconsin


“Giving Tuesday means a lot to our PRC because it is not about buying one more thing to wrap and put under the Christmas tree.  Today is GIVING TUESDAY- a day for us to give a gift that has eternal value.  Will you consider making a contribution to Living Alternatives today so that we can make a difference in her life tomorrow?  Visit us today!”

Greta Henry

Living Alternatives of Champaign, Illinois

“Giving Tuesday means giving hope to a young woman who thinks her situation is hopeless.  Giving Tuesday means providing her with the resources and support to make a pregnancy decision she can live with.  Giving Tuesday means helping her through her pregnancy to become a successful parent, or to make an adoption plan.  Giving Tuesday means life!”

Brenda Knollenberg

Agape Pregnancy Center, Iowa

“Every day at a PRC is a Giving day.  We make a conscious effort to show everyone who walks through the doors our very best attitude of caring and attention regardless of her situation or attitude toward us.  We are in the in the Giving business because He loves us and tells us to love others.”

Sandi Hendricks

PRC of Sikeston, Missouri



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Sarah Voet

Sarah Voet is serving Biking for Babies as the Pregnancy Resource Center Coordinator. She's the one who finds and cultivates relationships with PRCs around the country, thus spreading word of their existence and life-saving work to everyone who comes to know Biking for Babies. She has been with Biking for Babies since 2013 and has participated as a rider in both the national ride and Wisconsin state ride. When asked what makes Sarah smile, she responded with the sun, soul music, and BABIES!

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